Persuasive communication training for legal professionals, change makers, and modern business leaders.

Expand your ability to speak from your heart while thinking on your feet, so that you excel with confidence, consistency and ease.

**Also offered for lawyers for MCLE credit through various providers.


"I’m a civil litigation attorney and as I’m writing this, I’m a candidate for the United States House of Representatives 5th Congressional District for the State of Washington.  


Before I joined Power: The Art of Influence and the Power Lab, I felt a lack of confidence in being persuasive and in owning my accomplishments and power. In just a short time, Jennifer guided me through exercises and analysis to understand what was holding me back, what my true fears of owning my success and power were. Childhood trauma, self-doubt and fear of embarrassment, to name a few. 


Immediately upon identifying these things,  I both laughed and cried - I felt the real pain of these things, but also how silly it is to let those things hold you back, to give those things power over you. I’m now on the path to finding answers and learning to embrace all of the parts of me so I’m not holding myself back from being, doing and giving my best in this life.  I experienced a significant shift in perception and understanding about my own power. 


Working with Jennifer forced me to think about things I didn’t want to, in ways I didn’t want to. I was resistant internally to having to spend the time doing the work. Having someone like Jennifer guide this work made it easier for me to make the time and I’m glad I did. None of us have time to be standing in our own way and Jennifer helped me remove myself as a roadblock to embracing my full power. As a first time candidate running for congress to represent the communities that raised me, I’ve been able to move past all the fears and doubts about whether or not I’m good enough or the right choice, and own my success, my skills and the power I have to bring change to a region I love.


If you’re thinking about joining the Power Lab, do it.  It’s worth the investment in yourself and Jennifer is a powerful teacher."

Natasha Hill, Esq. - Candidate for the United States House of Representatives 5th Congressional District the State of Washington.

"I'm a social entrepreneur, managing director working in the financial industry for an enterprise that’s specialized in giving micro loans to the marginalized. 


I was instantly interested in Power: The Art of Influence and the Power Lab, because power is a topic that is talked about so little and that is necessary not only in business, but also the personal arena. For me it was sometimes hard as a business woman to stand my ground. I wanted to explore ways to become tougher. 

 One of my main challenges I experienced  before working with Jennifer was that I tended to be "too nice".  Through working with Jennifer, I was able to change some of my patterns that held me back from stepping into my full potential.  That's true in both my personal life and business life."


Juma I. – Hamburg, Germany

“Jennifer has helped me tremendously in finding my creative voice and being able to share it with the world. Like any great teacher, Jennifer is able to listen from her heart and effectively take my ideas and translate them into simple, powerful, and accessible lessons that ignite the listener. Thank you, Jennifer!”


Jesse Wilson, Communication Specialist, Jury Trial

Consultant, and CEO of Tell The Winning Story

"II just finished watching your MCLE presentation.  I commend you for your outstanding program and your excellent presentation.  The program was very interesting and informative.  I am always trying to learn new trial advocacy skills and techniques in the art of persuasion.  Thank you for the program and the effort that went into the presentation.  It was one of the best that I have seen regarding trial advocacy." 


Steven P. - Attorney in Los Angeles, California

"Dear Ms. Gardner: I have been practicing law for 49 years, and needless to say I have attended many CLE courses. At 1:15 am in Houston, Texas I just finished watching your “Persuade and Lead: Seducing the Jury and Surviving the Gauntlet Known as Trial."  It is by far the best CLE course I have ever attended. Before I hang up my spikes, I would love to try a case with you. I have been blessed to work on and try some of the most interesting cases in the world. Throughout my professional life, I have found a way to work on some cases with some of the legends just so I could learn from them, including Edward Bennett Williams and Bobby Lee Cook. I know that you can teach me a lot -- you already have just from watching a one-hour video. Stay healthy and be safe."
T.B., Houston, TX.


T.Boyko - Houston, TX.


Litigation services in select real property and business disputes.


- real estate disputes, encroachments, nuisance, fraud, land use

- business disputes, including dissolutions, receivers and more

- Administrative Law Judge for Los Angeles County Civil Service and Employee Relations Commissions


- defense of serious felonies

- entertainment litigation

- employment litigation




"My wife and I had been fighting a property line dispute with the City of Los Angeles and a challenging Neighbor for over seven years when we first hired Jennifer Gardner. She was the fourth attorney we hired in seven years to help us solve this extremely complicated case involving property lines drawn nearly 100 years ago. This situation got so far out of hand that the city of Los Angeles pressed criminal charges against us! Jennifer was able to unravel this complex quagmire and brought clarity, and I'm sure, the best solution possible for all parties involved. I wish we had met Jennifer earlier because her three predecessors could not get anywhere with this case. All they managed to do was to get us deeper in trouble! It took many hours of diligent effort on Jennifer's part to figure out a final solution for us. She could figure out what remedies were available to us through the law and the rules of the city planners. Finally, Jennifer helped us end this nightmare by acquiring specific permits to use the disputed sections of the property. It would take me more than 4000 words to explain everything that Jennifer had to do to relieve us from the criminal peril and put everything in legal order. Instead, I will say that I would highly recommend Jennifer Gardner to anyone looking for help in a dispute with a city bureaucracy. She is well versed in the rules and laws that pertain to such matters. Also, she has a way with people. Her communication skills are outstanding, and her knowledge and comprehension of these complex laws are extensive. She has taken a great weight off our shoulders!"

Robert Connett, Los Angeles, California

"When I finally forced myself to address a longstanding situation involving a neighbor, I automatically intuited that I would need an expert who could not only negotiate the legal system, but just as importantly, effectively deploy the language that the legal system actually utilizes. Jennifer patiently crafted a cogent narrative out of my experiences; she knew exactly how to shape those experiences in ways understandable to the court. I found Jennifer's consistent self-assuredness to be very comforting as she led me through the process of making my ordeal visible to the individual who eventually ruled in our favor. I would not hesitate to call upon Jennifer in the future, should I again require an attorney to help me defend myself against opportunistic and unprincipled people. Jennifer is the consummate professional: In her, one will find the forbearance of a saint combined with the fortitude of a soldier."

Rochelle R., Los Angeles, California





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"With a thriving business plus kids and a full and active life, I felt I could no longer rely solely on organic growth to find new customers. Jennifer took me under her wing and told me exactly what to do, and I was happy to follow her recommendations and instructions.

It has been incredible. We now have a lead campaign we can switch on when I want a new influx of people to my list, and an awareness campaign she ran for me had people watching my videos and learning about my brand for pennies. Even Meta confirmed that results just don’t get better than this, and offered to partner with us to optimise the next campaign even further.

I started with such a modest budget and Jennifer made it work, even in a very competitive niche (business coaching). As a result, the budget for ad spend is going up and up. Now, my focus is on setting up my offers and systems to deal with customers at scale. It has really only been three months but the success is showing on my bottom line, and February is set to be 3x my previous best month. I’m incredibly excited about the future, thanks to this work with Jennifer."

Anna Bellissima - St. Augustine, Canterbury UNITED KINGDOM

"I loved WTF* Do I Say. Jen provided several useful guides, directions, and instructions for marketing my small business. The guides had useful exemplars and logical, easy-to-follow samples to help the user understand the reasoning behind the concepts being taught and/or promoted. I learned so much from the live trainings and marketing strategies, and benefited from being surrounded by participants who were farther along in the learning process than me.  I was able to ask questions of guest experts so that I could better strategize my marketing approach. Jen makes marketing fun and understandable, and really cares about her students.  Thank you Jen!"

Victoria D'Cotledge - Los Angeles, CA

"Jen offers a fresh approach to marketing and growing a business. While most marketing courses tell you what to do, Jen's class adds the psychology behind building a great marketing program for your company- it is not just the same old  "do X, Y, Z" type approach, but instead she delves into rather why doing these things actually works in a way that makes it all makes sense, but allows you to add your unique flair and personality to your marketing so it stands out in a sea of competitors. Having taken her "WTF Do I Say" class, I feel more confident in my social media marketing game, but also, inspired to add some new approaches and ideas to my social media marketing."

Jessica Sebag, Esq. - Miami, FL


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